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The beauty continues into Summer!

Changing seasons

As of late, I have been mourning the end of an epic Los Angeles Spring and gearing up for what is to come. This Spring was a cacophony of long-dormant seeds exploding with new life as an interminable drought gave way to a much-needed El Niño rainy season. For a John Muir wannabe like me, it was a bittersweet paradise. I savored it both because of its ecstatic beauty and because I know Springs like these come around so seldom.

One of the greatest shocks was the senescence of pollinator-friendly flowers. All through late Winter and early Spring, I was on a mad dash to devour with my eyes and dinky IPhone 5s camera every nectar guide, believing if I just willed my eyes, I could push them to see these ultraviolet trails.

Now, as the Santa Ana winds suck away the Winter precipitation, I am watching those flowers senesce.

There is still greenery, and even a little rain in our future, but things are beginning to dry out.

So, these photos mark the end of an incredible Los Angeles Spring. It is easy to take beautiful pictures when every plant is maniacally churning out flowers, but the real beauty will reveal itself in knowing the Summer is coming and deciding to continue to get out and search for the forms of life that are built for surviving the extremes of our temperate climate.



Did you ever read Frederick by Leo Lioni? In the story, the main character, a mouse, meditates while all his mouse friends toil to collect food for the impending winter. 

In the winter, as the colony’s resources are depleted, Frederick begins to recite poetic sketches to warm them in their chilly hibernation.

Winter is inevitable, no matter what we stockpile. 

It’s about pausing amid the mad dash and choosing to collect the beautiful memories for that inevitable cold day.